Perhaps the most elegant massage room of our saloon where you can experience sensual massage with the modern shining of the room.


A massage room furnished in an African and Indonesian style, with intimate lightning and accessories. The decoration and the ornaments smuggle the spirit of Africa into the intimate atmosphere of the massage.


A massage room equipped with a jacuzzi giving the feeling of a luxurious life style.


Fabulous atmosphere enthrals the room. We are flying you to Bora bora…



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The use of our bathing facility is recommended for everyone before and after the massage as well. We consider it a basic hygienic requirement to clean and disinfect our showers before and after their use by our guests.

We have established our massage saloon in a way that its atmosphere aspires to provide a properly unworldly environment for perfect relaxation.

Győr (We give our address following your check-in due to reasons of confidentiality)


It goes without saying that each guest deserves a clean and disinfected bathing facility, a sterile sheet and towel. However, our strict hygienic principles goes beyond all this and require unobjectionable hygienic conditions at the entire area of our massage rooms and saloon.


We do our best to provide you with an utmost discretion during your stay here. During the arrangement of appointments for our guests, we do all we can to ensure that our guests would not meet each other. So, we ask you to arrive on time for the pre-arranged appointment.


The outlay and furnishing of our saloon are adjusted to your comfort. All of our massaging rooms are equipped with a sitting and a man servant; those are spacious and are a few steps away from the bathing facilities. During the establishment of our studio, the primary aspect was to fully satisfy the comfort needs of our guests.