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Exclusive, erotic massage saloon in the city of ‘Győr’ for individuals demanding high standard. Luxurious massage in ‘Győr’. Live through the best erotic, tantra massage. We welcome our clients with full discretion.

Erotic massaging girls in ‘Győr’/ with happy finish:)

Discreet erotic massage studio


Dear Visitor, We have opened our discreet, erotic massage studio in Győr. High standard environment. Sensual, erotic massage programs for men, women and for couples. Live through the best tantra massage of your life. Pretty, massaging girls are expecting your call. The pleasant relaxation, rejuvenation and the beautiful massaging therapists is guaranteed at us. And of course, the full discretion! Whether you are a businessman, professional athlete, politician, discretion is the most important thing for us! Keep on reading!

Keep on reading!

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You can enjoy our massage programs in a fully discretionary manner at our place in ‘Győr’. Erotic massage in Győr with girls one being prettier than the other.

Massage programs


Our masseurs are receiving continuous training. As we would like our visitors to receive the best possible, most erotic massage.
Super sexual, massage therapists are waiting for your call in Győr! Relax yourself, enjoy the touch of pretty, massaging girls and be lost in admiration about her beautiful body while the massage lasts.
The erotics is present in our each touch; our hands, warm body is glowing with erotics and we are eager to have you feel this. With Tantra, Yoni, Lingam massage programs, we are waiting for you…


Erotic Massage

in Győr

What is an erotic massage all about? The erotic massage is not to be confused with a sex massage! In our saloon, no sexual massage of any sort can be requested!

According to many, the experience of an erotic massage can be best compared to a quick vacation. It disengages you from the weekdays, refills you with energy and relaxes you. For those living or working nearby, it is a great relief occasionally if they spare some free time for this program since they can get rid of a lot of stress within a couple of hours. Some of our clients come before work, others wish yearn for some relaxation during the working hours and some come to have an enjoyable massage after a hard working day! The content of the erotic program: full body massage with Swedish massaging technique, then erotic, pampering, relaxing massage with manual finisher, that’s to say, happy finisher, in a special way:) If you would like to have an even greater experience, you can also request a so called sliding massage, in case of which, the massaging girl is literally sliding on the guest. This a real experience worth giving a try. The massaging girl only wears pants but if you pay a little extra, you can talk her into taking those off. In case someone wish for anything else, e.g. having a shower or a little dance together, he (she) has to discuss it with the massaging girl. Believe us! We are showing the side of the erotic massage,which can perfectly add an extra flavour to a massaging experience without giving a sexual content.


Four handed massage

If one massaging girl is not enough…

If you like cumulating pleasures, opt for the four handed massage, or our synchronous massage in other words. In this case, not one but two beautiful masseurs are massaging through your body. The ladies are proceeding step by step in a synchronous manner, starting from the sole up to the arms. As the human body is symmetric, the synchronous massage can be done in full harmony, at the right and left side of your body. Needless to say, this massage program means a double “joy”!

Sliding massage

Have you ever tried?

The sliding massage provides you with a fantastic pampering. The feeling of two bodies sliding on each other by means of ample oil is sensational. If you have ever tried that, you surely know what it is about. If you have not yet, then it is high time to give it a try and to learn what you have missed so far. During the sliding massage, the masseur is not only using her hands but practically her entire body (her bum, tits, face, etc). That’s why it is called sliding massage, body-on body massage in other words. It is important to note, however that as doing any other massage or erotic massage, the sliding massage can also be performed in a good or less good way. It is worthwhile to carefully select who should be doing the sliding massage for you because if you really would like to have a genuinely unforgettable experience, it is important to go to a professional. That’s why we are here. Only professional masseurs are waiting for you!

Erotikus masszázs nőknek

Felejthetetlen yoni massage nőknek…

Erotikus masszázs programunk nőknek. Kényeztesse magát exkluzív környezetben teljesen diszkréten Győrben. A joni-masszázst gyakran nevezik a masszázsok fejedelmének, hiszen a nő legintimebb testtájaival foglalkozik. Célja nem az orgazmus elérése, hanem az ahhoz vezető örömteli út megtapasztalása.


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